I reached for reins but there were none
My gelding stepped on through the mist
Then followed closely where he went
To touch on clay his hooves had kissed

I found him in that meadows light
My waiting foot found stirrups still
We crossed the midnight at a trot
As two lost souls would find one will

I watched those stars in summer sky
Chasing the wild ones past the night
And when we reached the end of dark
Our blankets soaked from ride to light

This cadence from a long lost time
Heartbeats mix with ancient drum
We flew so low we drank that mist
Two lonesome souls on evening run

And there beside a brand new day
As sun due east would rise on high
One man, his horse, on special ride
To bond for life where angels fly

PT Muldoon ©2017


Summer Breezes


Here’s a new one I penned tonight….I found the picture in my camera roll earlier today and shared it on here…..It just begged for some words to go with it!!! Hope you guys like it. PT

Summer Breezes

On a warm late summer evening
Just beyond hawk’s tree top nest
Summer corn spilled past alfalfa
Where our maker shared his best

There I stopped to pick an apple
And the gelding took some grass
Soaking in the warmth of sunlight
As the summer breeze would pass

Now I marvel at that picture
Good friends now twenty years
All those sunsets under saddle
And rides thru smiles and tears

An old black and white picture
Taken quick there on that trail
An old gelding sent from heaven
Old time built to haul the mail

As winter wind comes blowing
When I’m camped out near a fire
I’ll remember summer breezes
And the rides froze hands desire

One old picture paints the story
From that pasture by the corn
Just beyond wild apple orchards
Where a summer’s memory born

PT Muldoon ©2017

The Seat


Sitting in front of a good fire tonight just doing some writing….felt compelled to share another one with my friends on here. It’s funny how an object can become so much more to us across the span of a lifetime. Hope you guys like the poem. PT

The Seat

Where leather meets the sheepskin
Hand stitched cross wood and hide
Built from old patterns Meno A fork
Worn smooth from life’s sweet ride

If one seat can weave the story
Where old saddle holds the tale
Of the miles across my lifetime
Ancient ship’s hand crafted sail

Carved out in leather by it’s maker
Stamped by owner, my own brand
As it served me true and faithful
Trailing cows on home place land

There are things a man will treasure
Not because they’re worth a ton
But because they hold our memories
Of lifetime battles lost and won

It’s leather holds a road map
The scars from rope and herd
Just an old time Meno A fork
Built for me by Marty Byrd

PT Muldoon ©2017

Pioneer Girl


Sitting in the airport in Philadelphia and my friend Julie Asher Lee posted this cool pic of herself….felt compelled to add words. She’s an amazing artist and I love her work…..hope you like my words. PT

Pioneer Girl

Deep in the heart of Texas
Through sacrifice and tears
The women all of substance
Passed down from pioneers

A fight to carve their history
And past wild places roam
Forged true upon the wagon
To make this land their home

The myths are stuff of legend
Hard fought to make em last
Here in the land of Lone Star
Felt Stetsons tipped to past

For in these quiet meadows
Discovered heaven’s floor
To pass their torches proudly
For all who yearn for more

And if you look real closely
Their Texas dreams live on
A shine in dancing meadows
As legends build upon

Tradition made and built on
These Lone Star women true
Remembered for the spirit
As Texas shines on through

PT Muldoon Copyright 2017

The 15th in the Mitten


Kayla Morris posted the awesome pic and I wrote some words sitting here eating my lunch….David EgnorRyan ThompsonTimothy SikesReece Watson, and all my friends who are in the woods this beautiful crisp opening day….Happy Hunting and be safe my friends. PT

The 15th in the Mitten

It’s just a faded ancient picture
Hanging buck in black and white
Back when our world was simple
With a line tween wrong and right

A young boy with his first deer
At a deer camp deep in fall
Learning how to fill the freezer
From older men who knew it all

So here’s to those who harvest
What God has grown each year
I hope safe hunt’s successful
And your freezer’s full of deer

So pick yourself a good place
Stay real quiet where you go
And show the next kids proper
Share all those skills you know

Its our Mitten rite of passage
For those men and girls that play
And it starts back each November
On this sacred opening day

PT Muldoon ©2017

The Artist’s Dance


Wrote this one about a friend on here Julie Asher Lee….I love seeing the behind the scenes views as she creates new paintings and shares them with all her friends….couldn’t resist writing one to go with her new profile pic….hope you guys like it!!! PT

The Artist’s Dance

Bold world upon that easel
A dance neath painter’s eye
In color splashing raindrops
Where talent finds bold try

She sees the finest details
Then captures moments still
Soft brush to add the magic
As her canvas drinks it’s fill

Caught up in light and color
Til that image comes to be
Then shared with us forever
As an artist’s dream set free

And if you look real closely
Just underneath fresh paint
The soul behind the colors
Her “is” behind the “aint”

PT Muldoon ©2017

On Heavens Wind

20799442_10210554606041439_379646731091355764_n (1)

Been a while since I shared a brand new poem with my friends…been working on this one for quote a while now….I really like it a lot but wanted to fine tune it until I felt it was all done …I read an awesome quote a while back from an ancient Arab proverb that said “The wind of heaven is that which blows between a horses ears”….. it gave me pause and the thought behind this poem….It goes out all who pursue something completely different other than simply riding their horse….that connection between a person and a trusted horse is something rare and amazing it can take a lifetime if it comes at all and for those who find it even if only once….. there is nothing that can ever fill in that space again and so begins a lifetime chasing something few will ever catch and for those who do it is worth more than gold… hope you guys like the poem!!! PT

On Heavens Wind

Drifting down from starlight
Sweet wind from up above
In breath of countless angels
Conveyed in grace and love

Created past nights embers
Breathed deep into a foal
To channel all imagined
Into that creature’s soul

Perhaps for just that moment
Where man and horse unite
To dance the hidden pastures
Til both souls find what’s right

Some ride just for the pleasure
Others chase that victor’s tale
But this kind seeks a taste of
Where angels breath finds sail

Two souls seek out reflection
Sacred moment caught on high
Pursue what can’t be harnessed
On that ride cross midnight sky

When angels bring the present
In this sacred magic chance
Holy wind binds souls together
Where a man and wild one dance

PT Muldoon ©2017



Wrote a new one last night…as I put aside my grief a year later I find myself gradually moving to better place.Healing is a process and I appreciate all the love and support of my friends during my time of healing. PT


In passing year to mourn my loss
Heart walled off to ease this pain
My grief came out in rolling waves
I shunned the sun,I sought the rain

Now the light comes shining forth
And memories find this quiet place
Time to stand back up once more
Find the strength to join this race

Feel the warmth of those now gone
They joined my tribe as angel friends
And guard our spirits with their light
They wait for us beyond the bends

As life and energy made whole
Angels work and pull us through
We band together in this storm
To find a strength to fight anew

The energy that fills my heart
Forged by all who rode ahead
Their spirits live within me now
Their legacy will not be dead

PT Muldoon 2017



On the drive in this morning I took our Dodge Dually…forced me to listen to regular radio (something I rarely do these days with satellite radio in my car). I was extremely dissapointed to hear some of the ignorance and hatred being spewed in from both sides regarding race….sat down and penned a verse to put words to how I feel…..don’t get me wrong I’m not stepping on some high horse….I’ve certainly been guilty of prejudice in my life and falling short of what the good book challenges me to be….but it occurs to me that our actions affect our children and maybe if we step up we can make the world better than we found it. Reminds me of a favorite Tom Dorrance quote: Don’t treat em how they are…treat em how you want em to be. Hope you like the new poem.PT


Colors of the spectrum
Change what we can be
Colors cause dissension
Of how and what we see

Colors really matter
Then again they don’t
Color makes decisions
What we’ll be or won’t

I like certain colors
Just because I do
Doesn’t make me right
It never makes it true

Colors will affect us
Changing how we feel
Make a day much better
Bring that focus real

I like Red Dun Buckskins
They just fit my eye
But now I got a red horse
He’s full of spark and try

I don’t ride his color
Value’s in his heart
After thinking on it
Color’s not one part

Hearing all this trouble
Bout a person’s skin
Points to just how stupid
All of us have been

We can do much better
If we step up and try
Color only matters
When we’re talking sky
PT Muldoon ©2017

The Tribe


Wrote this one for my “Tribe” you guys know who you are….we march to a drum only we hear and when we lose one of our own the world becomes a poorer place. Lots of people love horses but for some they are enmeshed in the very fabric of their lives….I feel blessed to be a part of this life and hope my words in some small way do it justice!!! PT

The Tribe

My ponies like a part of me
A presence I need just like air
I turn to them for sustenance
Upon a trail we ride and share

For some souls it’s a leisure
And for others,treasured love
For me it’s pure deliverance
Sent forth from God above

Their essence is my beacon
As they draw my soul within
To feed that place inside me
Where hope springs up again

For we this tribe of equus
Must ride and live and learn
And touch the creature’s spirit
This life for which we yearn

On trails that earthly mortals
Can’t see the miles we’ve been
Then touch the horses spirit
In that place held deep within

For all men are from “Terra”
Yet very few are of our tribe
That wade into the mystic
Hearts beating equus vibe

All who ride these mystic trails
Return to them on each new day
Until we don’t return then leave
The lives we touched along the way

PT Muldoon ©2017