Three Chords And A Ford

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Here’s a rewrite of an older one I did….I was talking to my Dad about his hot rods yesterday and he brought up the wicked 34 Ford Flathead V8 he raced back when he was a kid….for a moment I could see in his eyes as he time traveled back to a memory…..made me think of hot cars, cute girls, and being young and tearing it up on a Friday night….if you were really lucky there was a pretty girl in the mix….so this goes out to all my hot rod friends and the wicked cars from their memories. The cars in the picture are the last two rods Dad built….red one is my 51 and the white one is my son Marcus’s 50…. Hope you guys like it PT

Three Chords And A Ford

Life was simple time was easy
Still brand new, set up to choose
Dreams of love and ever after
Never dawned that we could lose

Danger beckons entertaining
Pushing limits seldom bored
All the choices we were gaining
With three chords in my old Ford

Down that dusty road revival
Chasing every youngsters dreams
Learning hope amidst survival
Going much too fast it seems

She was pretty, young, and eager
And my Ford was old and quick
Just two speakers and Bob Seger
With a dream that love could stick

In the middle of that moonlight
On a washed out country road
Kids just caught up in a moment
As their hearts felt love explode

And someday when I hit eighty
When my memories slowly fade
Friday nights and one sweet lady
And sweet special love we made

Way out here amidst the twilight
As my soul hears ancient chords
Brings me back into that starlight
Brand new love and bitchin Fords
PT Muldoon
© 2016, PT Muldoon


Steel Strings and Steel Belts



Wrote this one for my friend Kenny Wayne Shepherd. The picture is him shooting his new video…the car was a Mopar 21 original….Of all the famous people I encountered in my time at Mopar, Kenny was one of the finest I ever met and we’ve remained friends all these years later. There’s nothing cooler then standing in the wings backstage watching him play for a crowd. So here’s to true artists out there….to steal a line from a song…may all your favorite bands stay together. Hope you like it. PT

Steel Strings and Steel Belts


Upon dusty highways, great creative camps

On buses that migrate with diesel and steel

Sometimes as magic becomes live on stage

Artists and roadies craft moments made real


These artists amaze us, their talent and skill

Measuring heartbeats, sweet songs to be felt

Standing on stages where dreams come alive

Weathered guitars, steel strings, and steel belts


Maybe nothing we do or we say will hold long

We drive deep through the darkness of night

Pretending to hold to the words of our songs

And praying to heaven that we get it all right


Sometimes the angels reach down from the sky

Find a place to send gifts out to talented hands

Deep in the brightness of all those stage lights

Touching all of the people who fill up the stands


Many troubadours traveled this lost sacred highway

Performing with passion as words found that page

Artists who feel life, the long miles and road weary

These players who touch us then light up our stage


And I don’t pretend to see deep in men’s souls

In dark sacred places where feelings are made

But in the right stages where magic comes real

Where the steel strings and steel belts get played

PT Muldoon

© 2016, PT Muldoon

Vaquero Surfista (The Old Master)




I wrote one a while back called Vaquero Surfista and it was one of my personal favorites….last week I penned one called The Old Master and sitting up late last night I suddenly realized that they were the same poem…I put them together and magically the story felt complete!!! I’m just thrilled at how they turned out….it’s like that moment when you find your voice after a really long silence….I hope you guys like it as much I do. PT

Vaquero Surfista (The Old Master)

Vaquero Surfista they called the old master
Out on the edge where the plains met the sky
He rode a big buckskin with eyes of the devil
Legend said on him that cowboy could fly

Sun leaving eyes weathered and shattered
Calloused skin worn from the work of a hand
Sitting up straight a proud king on his throne
Surveying the treasure, this bold rugged land

Out on the breaks as the trail ends abruptly
He and the horse and no boundaries to feel
Only this man a good horse and the prairie
Riding for something just God would reveal

Chaps worn and stained from long riding
The old hand built wade carved with pride
Sitting a horse among angels in heaven
Awaiting the day when the angels will ride

Here in the world where some men ride for glory
Save for those few who chase one special prize
And out on the edge of the sweet sacred prairie
Vaquero Surfista rides waves through the skies

Ocean calls some men to ride with its spirit
Seek out and saddle what most cannot feel
And only the men who can harness the wild
Touch on the moments fine horses make real

All the young cowboys would gather at distance
To watch the old master ride waves in the sun
And only the horse and the angels from heaven
Knew the true story of what had been done

Life can be special and sacred to measure
Never to touch what their skills might unfold
Out on a horse feeling only one heartbeat
Painting like masters, sweet visions untold

Some spend their life in pursuit of a moment
Others are here for one sweet sacred chance
To witness perfection and ride with the angels
And share as the master invites us to dance
PT Muldoon

© 2016, PT Muldoon