Baxter The Cowdog


A couple weeks back we had the big race out here at the track at MIS (it usually brings a lot of traffic and not everyone is always polite in their driving behavior). Got a call from Mike at the Farm and someone had hit our old farm dog with a minivan going about 55 it ripped a chunk of facia off the van and they didn’t even stop to see if he was ok!!! Baxter can be a bit difficult but he usually steers clear of the road!!! A good samaritan who saw it happen stopped and quickly got Mike and they carried the old codger to the horse barn.

Mike told me Baxter wasn’t looking too good and I should come right away….. I thought to myself well 14 is a good run for a Corgi!!! When I got there he was laying down on his side so I hollered his name….one eye opened…then the other!! Didn’t appear to have anything sticking out or broken. So we checked him out good and gave him a bowl of fresh food and water, a nice bed of hay and left him to rest. I figured by morning he’d either be ok or on his way to the happy hunting grounds in the sky!! Baxter, who we now describe as tougher than a minivan made a full recovery….I played with the old crab for a solid half hour this morning and you’d of thought he was 5 or 6!!! I wrote this poem about him a while back….now that I know he’s ok I figured I’d share it on here. PT

Baxter The Cow dog

Old cow dogs are special
They stand at farm guard
On places with livestock
Where life can be hard

On our place it’s Baxter
He’s been there a spell
A small cow dog ninja
On this thick muddy hell

He gathers up cattle
And chases down feed
He doesn’t like salesman
He’ll seldom take heed

He lays on the concrete
Gets in everyones way
Hogs all the dog food
And messes up hay

Always quite grumpy
In summer he’s fat
And if he could talk
He’d claim he’s all that

I’ve had him so long
Don’t remember his age
He’s mean as a rattler
Farm cats fear his rage

But when I do chores
He stays right by my side
He’ll jump in my pick up
And join me for the ride

He doesn’t like brushes
And vets keep their space
He steals groceries at times
And he moves his own pace

But I still like his company
And treasure his guard
He’s a part of our family
And the king of this yard

And someday he’ll leave
Like the ones left before
But his son’s even tougher
So we’ll still have one more
PT Muldoon

© 2016, PT Muldoon


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