Meadow Guard


Been a while since I wrote a new one…..this is one of those that lives in your head for a long time….until you just have to pick up your pen and write it down….Hope you guys like it. PT

Meadow Guard

Wind blown lines in saw grass

Two hawks just circling through

My gelding loves the north pass

Where cross winds whistle thru


It’s summer on these ranges

Draped in the gold and green

As sun and rain bring changes

Rich places few have seen


Some will dwell in cities tall

And love the bustles speed

Others hear the hoof beats fall

Where life runs at slow speed


A heart can’t live two places

And dance to different drum

My heart seeks hidden places

At end when nightfall comes


When this life’s dance is over

Please spread my ashes wide

And leave me with the clover

On God’s sweet countryside


For I will dance in ranges

With lightning bugs in flight

To watch as season changes

I’ll guard the herds at night


To fly with hawks inside the sky

I’ll race a deer in meadows green

And be the wind in horses mane

To guard these places never seen



© 2016, PT Muldoon


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