The Ghost Of Teddy Roosevelt

C1451 Theodore Roosevelt in Cowboy clothes with horse

I wrote this one a while back for all the good ranch families out there suffering as they try and hold on to the land they have dedicated their lives to. It’s saddening to know that there are good people out there still suffering at the very hands of those entrusted with leadership.I thought the 4th of July wa a fitting day to share it again. Hope you like it PT

The Ghost Of Teddy Roosevelt

The ghost of Teddy Roosevelt is restless on the plain
Where men with suits and clipboards have swooped in like acid rain
They’re representing government and trampling people’s rights
And they’ve poisoned our opinion through the press neath city lights

Now Teddy was a Cowboy and he loved the ranchers way
And he sought to save wild places so that all kinds got a play
But I’m sure he’s liking none of this with ranchers black and blue
And leaving longtime families broke and packed up gone and through

See Teddy loved our country and he served at freedoms bell
And I’m pretty sure in his day he’d of sent these clowns to hell
There’s right and wrong and silence all tied up in this great mess
And it doesn’t take a genius to see that we aint done our best

I don’t pretend to know the facts you see I wasn’t there
But men don’t bring long guns to town without a nasty scare
Our freedom is our birthright and that sure includes the right
To stand against a tyranny and sometimes stand and fight

There’s peaceful ways to settle nearly every sordid case
But its gonna take fair dealing and an independent face
And maybe when it’s over and this mess has seen some light
Our children can see Teddy’s dream and know we got it right
PT Muldoon

© 2016, PT Muldoon