The Last Ride


Took my Father’s ashes to his final resting place today….His final ride was in a two door coupe built by his own hands with friends and family…his driver was his son (who he taught to build and wheel a car)….I made sure we finished it in style and to his standards…we broke the speed limit in every town we passed through on our final ride and made sure we made one last 100mph+ pass on Telegraph Rd. past the site of his shop Motorama Engineering. I will miss you deeply Pops…… but it was sure fun to have one last ride in the hot rod with you in the passenger seat!!!PT

Last Ride

In the corner of my workshop
Polished up she parks alone
Waiting on this last adventure
Bringing her sweet maker home

Porsche “guards red” lacquer finish
Showing road wear and some age
Daddy built this rod for driving fast
One last time we’ll turn that page

Balanced four bolt Chevy motor
Fires strong and breathes alive
As my hand grips billet shifter
Pulls her tranny down in drive

And beside me in the shotgun seat
Small square box my dear old Dad
As I throttle through the teardrops
Thinking back on rides we’ve had

As we rumble past familiar streets
Where he lived this life and cared
Just a final ride to bring him home
In this street rod built and shared

With a voice of high compression
From this hymnal that’s our own
In the rod built with my Father
There to drive my hero home
PT Muldoon

© 2016, PT Muldoon



The Lion Sleeps


I had a request to repost this one for a friend. It remains one of my favorites. PT


The Lion Sleeps

I knew him as a lion
A hero to a child
His roar a force of nature
He taught us right from wild

His voice is getting softer now
His eyes like shattered glass
I treasure every moment
And pray they’re not the last

I yearn for days now long since gone
And know they’ve left for good
And treasure with him memories
As we talk of all we should

His lived life as my hero
His character was strong
A life lived by conviction
He taught us right from wrong

His life not without errors
On that we both agree
Like all of us he knows regrets
But seeks to set them free

And as I watch the lion sleep
I see the man within
Disease might claim his dignity
But deep down its still him

We sit and pray together now
For better times ahead
He guides me with his wisdom
His kids in charge instead

The roles have come full circle
And now we guide his ways
And seek to show him honor
And fight for treasured days

And sometimes in the quiet
I watch the lion sleep
And marvel at his dignity
As constant vigil keep

I know the day is coming soon
The lions roar will cease
And he will live in memory
Where journey ends in peace

But as for now we’ll cherish
All the moments still with him
And listen to him eagerly
As the lions roar grows dim

And if there is a lesson here
In all that aging keeps
Just one last teaching moment
Taught as the lion sleeps
PT Muldoon

© 2016, PT Muldoon
This poem may not be reprinted or reposted without the author’s written permission.

This Side Of The Gates


I wrote this after spending one last night alone with my Dad  just before he passed away after a long battle with Parkinson’s. He was and will always be my hero. I had many chances to spend quality time visiting with him and I will treasure every moment we had together, we were different men but had enough time to value each other and to come to know the respect that  Father’s and Son’s gain over a lifetime. I will miss him….this one’s for you Pops!!PT

This Side Of The Gates

A moment caught in silence
As seams of life tear free
Revealing hidden places
That only our eyes see

I will not dread your leaving
You always gave your best
A last hill steeped in struggle
Life’s journey’s now finds rest

For I will soldier on alone
As load gets passed my way
To carry you within my heart
Remains from bygone day

My tears will dry to memory
Sweet life we’ll bid adieu
To honor all accomplishments
Your journey’s nearly through

Just a moment caught forever
And held deep in my heart
I thank you for your guidance
And treasure your sweet part

And as your life is winding down
This great new journey waits
The angels gave me glimpses
From this side of the gates

PT Muldoon
© 2016, PT Muldoon