Stone Ponies


Getting ready to saddle up and head into the darkness of the mystic for a very late ride aboard my trusted night horse Tiggs…..I haven’t written anything in a good bit but I penned a new one tonight I kinda like……’s been a year of great loss for me and those I hold dear….. but the passing of so many amazing people I have treasured along this journey has reaffirmed my own strong faith in God and my deep love for this life however fragile it may prove to be….we are but travellers here and at the end of this great adventure we call life what matters most is not what we come to posess but that which we touch along the way ….hope you guys like the poem…much love to all of you…. glad to count you as my friends!!! PT

Stone Ponies

Treasured steeds who danced before
As charged the piercing summer sky
Ancestral souls who ride no more
Upon bold heights where eagles fly

As men become this life of dreams
Long walks upon great storied halls
To fly on hand carved leather seams
And find all answers where hoofs fall

Once measured true on rocky trails
Where angels dwell and horses tread
To sip sweet wind from God’s own sails
As time revealed great lives well led

I’ll dry my tears for friends I lose
As time reveals God’s master plan
I simply saddle, ride and choose
These trails before me while I can

And time we’ll measure not with clock
As journeys end and friends must leave
Upon bold steeds carved fine in rock
Cared for and fed by all who grieve

PT Muldoon

© 2016, PT Muldoon