Rays of sunshine breaks through the clouds

Had a great conversation with a good friend tonight about Fathers and Mentors and the valuable sounding board they provide their kids……felt it was worthy of writing a new one…..I miss my Dad terribly these days but I do value all the great conversations we had the chance to have while he was here….the other day I gave him a call on my cell, catching myself part way into dialing…..don’t know if Sprint has coverage where he’s at these days but it sure felt good to go ahead and have that conversation anyway….this one goes out to anyone who misses a parent…..I say call anyway, it’ll make you feel better….It did me!!!PT

The Conversation

An old friend asked me in passing
You still hurting from his leaving
Has the heart begun the process
Finding peace within your grieving

So I told about a phone call
About my job I’d called to share
Nearly halfway through my dialing
I remembered…. Dad’s not there

But I held long conversation
With my Father,and my friend
And I filled him in on details
Silence filled in on his end

And I realized that instant
Conversation nearly done
That my Father’s contribution
Was simply listen to his son

It was not to give me answers
That I called to ask his sage
But to walk him through my thinking
Somehow prove I’d earned my wage

And the call made me feel better
With our conversation true
All the lessons he had taught me
Were his guide to bring me through

So I won’t delete that number
“Dad’s Cell” on my own cell phone
Because I still believe he listens
When this world feels all alone

PT Muldoon

© 2016, PT Muldoon


Coffee Aisle Cowboy


It’s been a tradition to pen one from the saddle horn so here you go….frosty crisp night…good for the soul. Hope you guys like it. PT

Coffee Aisle Cowboy

I was heading thru the Walmart
In my bone white Stetson hat
And my silver trophy buckle
Strutting through like i’s all that

When a little cartbound toddler
Spied me cross the coffee aisle
And said Momma look a cowboy
And I had to stop and smile

See it’s all I ever wanted
Just to live this life I chose
To ride a cowboy’s pony
And gear up in cowboy clothes

It’s a lifetime aspiration
To stand for good and true
And maybe make a difference
While there’s work still left to do

And I hope I never lose it
This love for simple ways
Just a chance to ride a good one
At the close of treasured days
PT Muldoon

© 2016, PT Muldoon



Here’s a new one I wrote last night as I thought about all my friends who are struggling with grief this Christmas season….hope you like it. PT


My life won’t be defined by pain or sorrow
The rain and storms won’t ever steal my smile
I’ll mourn those that I lose along life’s journey
And then I’ll celebrate I had them for a while

For all men die somewhere along this journey
With luck they’re here just long enough to give
A marker that they touched the lives around them
For all men die along the way but many never live

Someday with luck we’ll reach the final boundary
Where angels wait to welcome us across
And give one last account of what we stood for
As friends we leave behind still grieve our loss

I know that there are reasons for what happens
My heart knows that there is a master plan
For now I’ll choose to shine my light as brightly
And bring that light to others while I can
PT Muldoon

© 2016, PT Muldoon

Arteries Of Ink


Every once in a while I get the chance to meet someone amazing on here and to connect with them through my words and their own. To hear someones story is so impactful to me personally on this life journey. I shared one last night that I penned a while back called Estrogen Ink and a horsewoman in Indiana friended me on here and told me her story which was simply amazing. Felt compelled to pen one for her on here and in some way to connect all my friends to her during this holiday season and add light to the collective universe i call my tribe….Its called Arteries Of Ink and I hope you guys like it……Jessie Rae Burkett-Arias I hope you like it….have an awesome Christmas!!! It was awesome to meet you and hear your story!!PT

Arteries of Ink

On trails that led her wayward
Filled with pain and fear and doubt
As she fumbled through her darkness
Till she drove life’s weakness out

Life will quickly blaze on by you
On raging river filled near brink
Penned upon her bodies canvas
Mapped in arteries of ink

From the mystic and the magic
Neath the depths within her soul
Till it poured forth from her body
Like that beat of rock and roll

She’s a daughter friend and mother
And her journey is her own
And she offered no excuses
For the seeds her life had sown

Just a complicated creature
Seeking meaning from her life
And the story there before you
Of her triumphs and her strife

And hidden in the symbols
Indian proverbs mark the trail
About hope and inspiration
And the strength to rise not fail

And her favorite horses number
From his tattoo at the track
Where she saw him capture magic
With the wind there at their back

Its life’s journey of discovery
On the map she wears with pride
Winding there across her body
On this blessed heartfelt ride

I’m so proud I got to meet her
And to count her as a friend
There is room still on her canvas
For her journey’s happy end
PT Muldoon

© 2016, PT Muldoon






By night I’ll ride in shadows
That only darkness knows
To move across lush meadows
Where time and spirit flows

My life is growing shorter
It slips between my grip
And only creak of leather
Will mark my time and trip

I do not ask forgiveness
I have done nothing wrong
But canter in this darkness
To sweet ancestral song

And risen with the night sky
On some old ancient plain
A man a horse and darkness
Beneath sweet stars and rain

For some of us are broken
Like glass all shattered through
Our tortured lives unspoken
As pain and light shine through

And so I’ll saddle in the dark
To ride with angels to the night
I see their horses past the stars
Winged cavalry out there in flight

And if upon the morning’s sun
I don’t return to say goodbye
Just know that I’m astride a horse
Among those angels in the sky

© 2016, PT Muldoon