By night I’ll ride in shadows
That only darkness knows
To move across lush meadows
Where time and spirit flows

My life is growing shorter
It slips between my grip
And only creak of leather
Will mark my time and trip

I do not ask forgiveness
I have done nothing wrong
But canter in this darkness
To sweet ancestral song

And risen with the night sky
On some old ancient plain
A man a horse and darkness
Beneath sweet stars and rain

For some of us are broken
Like glass all shattered through
Our tortured lives unspoken
As pain and light shine through

And so I’ll saddle in the dark
To ride with angels to the night
I see their horses past the stars
Winged cavalry out there in flight

And if upon the morning’s sun
I don’t return to say goodbye
Just know that I’m astride a horse
Among those angels in the sky

© 2016, PT Muldoon


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