As I leave this world in stages
Just as mist drifts up from grass
Where it marks out sacred places
Just beyond this ancient pass

Past cedar swamp and hardwood
Crossing trails now long since lost
Here we rode when we were newer
Never thought there’d be a cost

If you listen for her heartbeat
Mother earth makes on her own
And watch for signs real closely
Beneath dark places overgrown

It’s her patchwork of a lifetime
Seen on ponies steeped in lore
Ancient riders followed closely
Til our tracks were seen no more

For our time it marches slowly
But it marches just the same
As our sunsets fade to starlight
Upon hands that hold the reins

Someday when rides all over
And tracks fade from the land
Just remember we rode proudly
In this quest to make a hand

No it aint fine hats or cattle
That mark this path I chose
Just cadence of his hoof beats
And sweet rhythm of my prose

PT Muldoon ©2017


Stardust Church

unnamed (2)

I have been working on this new one for quite some time….goes back to a conversation I had with my Mother some time back. She asked me if I had been to church that previous Sunday. I told her yes I had and then showed her a picture I had taken looking through my pony’s ears….it was a beautiful service that day I told her!!! Kind of sums up how I feel about religion and faith….I try very hard to respect all people and their beliefs no matter what their faith….for me it matters more whats truly in your heart than where or how you choose to pray….hope you guys like the poem. PT

Stardust Church

On trails deep in a meadow
Along paths we know by feel
Old hawk flies just behind us
As our hooves stir up a meal

Along this old back pasture
Trails we ride at night alone
To drink our fill of stardust
On our quiet rides near home

Along a path well ridden down
From countless rides we made
Just a cowboy and his gelding
On this old hand crafted Wade

These trail’s more like a chapel
This church of grass and wood
We talk to God most every night
To say thanks for all His good

Bible says He’s here with us
When two gather up and pray
So I baptized my old gelding
Just in case we lose our way

The service out here in open
Not like normal mass in town
As we ride upon a good path
And we feel his love surround

Been told that on a Sunday
If my butt aint in that pew
Then it’s not really counted
My prayers to Him aint true

I know the Lord still hears me
When I saddle deep in night
To head out for His pastures
And ride on towards His light

I know he made me different
From the others in his flock
This trail he placed before me
Carved out in grass and rock

Yes I believe that heaven
Exists for those still true
Hope the grass is good there
Cuz the gelding’s coming too

PT Muldoon ©2017

Midnight Ride

unnamed (2)

Wrote one late last night from the saddle…just got a chance to share it now…….hope you guys like it. PT

Midnight Ride

Saddled my pony near midnight
After this world’s fast asleep
Riding on trails worn and traveled
Promised life peaceful, complete

Here in this darkness hides mystic
Out where the trail meets the night
Hum of this world has gone quiet
Stars and new moon shining bright

Rhythm of saddle on horsehide
As fog lifts away from the grass
Only the sound of two heartbeats
Moving on up through this pass

Darkness engulfing lone shadows
Caught between midnight and dawn
The starlight and sunlight wage battle
While quickly the time marches on

Then only the woods will remember
Two traveler’s ride through the night
Chasing that sweet shade of mystic
On our ride to the mornings new light

PT Muldoon ©2017

Crooked Smile


Mike snapped this picture at the farm the other day before I headed out for what proved to be a great ride….I remember earlier that day telling my wife that I thought my face was getting a little better from the Bell’s Palsy…she didn’t share my optimism and after seeing the picture I realize it hasn’t gotten any better…..reminded me of a conversation I had with my Dad last fall about his Parkinson’s….I asked him how he kept such a great outlook on life despite what was being taken from him….he said “son remember you don’t get to pick your cards, the dealer does that…. your job is to play the hand you’re dealt the best way that you can”….I always marveled at how he dealt with things and I remembered that the Parkinson’s never changed how I personally saw him…he played his hand well from my perspective so I intend to do the same as the man who raised me…wrote a short verse to go with the picture…hope you guys like it. PT

Crooked Smile

Once when I was younger
I was handsome for a time
A smile could open doors up
The world brand new all mine

Now that I’m growing older
This crooked smile I wear
Upon my old broke cowhorse
Both just happy to be there

Roads we two have traveled
Miles we’ve known firsthand
We covered ground together
Across storied sacred land

We’re not that much to look at
As we make our way thru town
Two old partners on a journey
As the world spins back around

We earned the scars we carry
So we wear em all with pride
Our lives have been quite lucky
We’ve been given this great ride

It aint your clothes or haircut
That marks out who you are
Just pick your path and stay it
That course should take you far

Share the gifts you’re given
Always go that extra mile
Wear the scars with honor
Your here just a short while

And someday if you’re lucky
Old photo shows some style
Atop one old broke cowhorse
With a fine old crooked smile

PT Muldoon ©2017

The Wait


Found this cool picture on a friend of mine Sheila Carlson‘s Cowgal Creations page….she was kind enough a while back to let me know I was welcome to use her awesome pictures there…I loved this photo and I decided to write something to go with it…hope you guys like it. PT

The Wait

Just outside the old round pen
One new pony waits his turn
Perhaps he’ll ride big gathers
Or chase cans to turn and burn

The choices as they start life out
Smooth like fresh worked ground
That blank of brand new canvas
When they first come to the round

Buckskins, reds and sorrels
Some chestnut, dun and bay
Here as the deal gets started
And new ponies find their way

And if their start’s made solid
Hands steady get em straight
Their journey’s just beginning
This chance well worth the wait
PT Muldoon ©2017

The Meadow


The Meadow

Up across the meadow just past deep swampy section
Where grass collides with water and hill breaks into flat
I ride there in the evening and feel the summer breezes
Stella chases feathers a sweet wind blows cross my hat

I sit here and I ponder this life that I’ve been given
The miles we two have ridden as time just got away
I think about my losses the friends no longer with me
Then turn my pony homeward as we chalk another day

My face is getting older and my heart is growing heavy
There’s more rides in my mirror than left out in the wind
And all the summer grasses we’ve danced across together
Fade gently with the sunset as we head on home again

Someday when I am mystic and my soul lives in the meadow
I hope you’ll read my writing and remember I was here
To dance upon the meadow where grass breaks into water
Just read my words on horseback and know that I am near

PT Muldoon ©2017

The Paths


The Paths

Two souls ride deep thru mystic
Ancient hooves cut marks in sod
Amid silence just two heartbeats
Sing out sweet with voice of God

Here in deep dark hiding places
We still ride each chance we can
Upon lost trails into this darkness
Where our hooves wont go again

In the light of bright moon rising
Just beyond the woods so deep
As this crisp air warmly beckons
Into sweet world now fast asleep

Sounds of hide and leather
Made with horses iron shod
On paths cut thru the mystic
Across heaven’s sacred sod

As time has slipped between us
Raging water passed it’s shore
Ancient paths lost to this mystic
Where our hoofbeats go no more
PT Muldoon ©2017

Beneath The Sod


Here’s one I penned late last night on horseback….hope you guys like it. PT

Beneath The Sod

Just a tiny farmstead graveyard
That I drive past every day
As I think about their legacy
And the tales their lives did say

I wonder were they special
All those stories each life told
Did they hide beneath the shadows
Or live life brilliant with the bold

All those dreams they left behind them
Once their sand came passing through
Did they step up? Were they counted?
When it came their time to do

As I drive by that old graveyard
And I tip my hat each day
To souls asleep beneath the sod
As the world moves on its way

And I think about my own life
As my own sand slips by fast
Will my time here be remembered
When my own song fades to past

There are many roads we travel
Down this road that marks our way
From the start clear to the finish
Until we meet on judgement day
PT Muldoon ©2017



Friend of mine wrote a post today about people trespassing his land without asking and disrupting fence and rooting on his place like the stuff there belonged to them….decided to pen one and share it…hope you like it. PT

There are many tales of wanted men
They fill up the lore men tell out west
This outlaw kind’s disdain for rules
Won’t stand a court they’ll fail the test

But out among this ragged band
Rides one small group undaunted
Miserable group that dare trespass
Known out here as “The Unwanted”

They wander on our land unasked
They root through places like a pest
Then stand with stupid looking face
When called out as unwanted guest

It aint quite fair to shoot em down
Although sometimes I think we should
They open fence and let out stock
Their presence never brings us good

I’d like to come to their house once
And rummage through just like a pest
Then tell them I meant nothing bad
Just thought they’d like another guest

Outlaws, moochers, bums, and such
That wander life on someone’s ride
Just wish the great unwanted kind
Would try to keep on their own side

PT Muldoon ©2017



Cold and rainy day…I’m getting ready to saddle Tiggs up and let the cares of this life melt as I chase something spiritual within me that brings me great joy….you guys know the drill…when it’s raining I like to pen just one for you…. so here’s todays poem for the day…VERSE DU JOUR…..hope you all enjoy the quiet Sunday and all its blessings. PT


Creak of saddle in the dark
As two go dancing in the mist
Upon this throne of hide and hair
On trails ancestors breath once kissed

Beat of hearts in time our strides
Upon these trails we’ve come to trust
Just man and horse we’ll dance as one
While hourglass sand slips past like dust

Our lives just moments caught in time
Where angels tread strong ponies race
To charge neath moon and sing old songs
As our dreams unfold then bring forth grace

I will head out to points unknown
When all life’s sand has passed on by
Look close for me there in midnight’s light
As I ride with angels cross that star filled sky
PT Muldoon ©2017