The Meadow


The Meadow

Up across the meadow just past deep swampy section
Where grass collides with water and hill breaks into flat
I ride there in the evening and feel the summer breezes
Stella chases feathers a sweet wind blows cross my hat

I sit here and I ponder this life that I’ve been given
The miles we two have ridden as time just got away
I think about my losses the friends no longer with me
Then turn my pony homeward as we chalk another day

My face is getting older and my heart is growing heavy
There’s more rides in my mirror than left out in the wind
And all the summer grasses we’ve danced across together
Fade gently with the sunset as we head on home again

Someday when I am mystic and my soul lives in the meadow
I hope you’ll read my writing and remember I was here
To dance upon the meadow where grass breaks into water
Just read my words on horseback and know that I am near

PT Muldoon ©2017


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