Here’s another new one I been playing with for a bit…hope you like it.The pic is of my friend Erik David Wolford….thought it kinda went cool with the poem….PT


Walking with my Father
I met this protest throng
Spoke about how right they were
Yelled “boy’s just move along”

Free speech is for everyone
Not just for their side
You can beg to differ friend
But it’s our Democratic ride

Hang that peg up higher son
Chase the dark til dawn
Freedom has a price to pay
So keep it growing strong

Maybe your unhappy now
To hear what I might say
But out here in America
All people get their day

So color up those banners boys
And fly em with that kite
Just cuz you can shout me out
Still don’t make your causes right

Everyone’s entitled here
To speak without a price
That’s the way of freedom boys
Please keep your dealings nice

Hang that peg up higher son
Leave it better than you found
Try and understand both views
See you stand on sacred ground

PT Muldoon ©2017


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