Love and Light


New one I wrote…I keep writing whats in my heart….this one goes out to all those folks who feel disenfranchised….perhaps the answer isn’t winning the argument but allowing the discussion.PT

Love and Light

I look for the love and light
Almost each and every time
Let’s go with forgiveness
This hatred’s past its prime

No I don’t think we’re perfect
I know we might never get it right
But I’ll still ask for guidance
When I hit my knees each night

Yes we can do this better
If we give our light a chance
Maybe this games not a race
And this life is our sweet dance

Somewhere in the darkness
Is an angry soul in need
We can start to healing
Or ignore and let em bleed

So I’ll go on with love and light
Just might find a better way
Let’s move to forgiveness
And bring the next a better day

PT Muldoon ©2017


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