The Gather


New one from last night…..finished it up this morning as I watched the sun come up on my drive into work…hope you like it!!PT

The Gather

Deep through night the riders moved in
As I strained to determine their source
Only the stars to mark their way through
And a full moon to measure that course

They moved with the grace of His angels
With a rhythmic sweet cadence in grass
Out here where the mystic finds starlight
And hooves paint their tracks in the pass

These horses with manes still on fire
From a ride past the edge of the sun
On their drive that began at creation
Going back to when time had begun

And the light given forth was so blinding
That I strained just to capture one sight
Of this posse of God’s mounted cowboy’s
On a gather for the lost through the night

PT Muldoon ©2017


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