White and Blue


Saw this cool pic on Sheila Carlson‘s page and felt moved to pen a new one while I ate my lunch today….hope you guys like it. I sure love them old trucks….they are like time machines.PT

White and Blue

Out behind the woodshed collecting dirt and dust
Fading from the sunlight as it slowly slipped to rust
A Fifty Seven pickup truck made by Dodge to last
That old Power Wagon could really haul some ass

We used it like a tractor always loaded like a mule
Every Monday morning it’d haul our butts to school
That radio was am band them tires were bias ply
On our red dirt gravel road she taught us kids to fly

My memory is still foggy of when she ran her last
But I would bet my savings the last ride still was fast
Parked out with the wagons and other scrap we had
Every time I passed her the sight would make me sad

One day an old guy came and bought her with the pile
Years later when I saw her that photo made me smile
Our old Power Wagon painted up and made brand new
Lean and clean and wicked in two tone white and blue

PT Muldoon ©2017


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