Black and Grey


Here’s one I’ve been working for a while…finally kind of finished itself. I love all my connections on here because I think sometimes we get to know people we never would in our ordinary life…I like that people in New York who have never been where I have can read my words and find a common ground and in some small way two very different people find a sort of friendship. I have seen a fair piece of the world in my life and what strikes me most is that we have a lot more in common then we’d like to believe….maybe by getting to hear each others stories we will be reminded of that…..we all just want our lives to matter and for our songs to be heard…pretty cool when you think about it that way. Love and Light my friends.PT

Black and Grey

Inside the pain and sorrow
Spelled out just like a song
Written bold in ink on flesh
To make a right from wrong

Everybody knows the drill
Some better than the rest
Of some fork in a crossroad
Where life fell short of best

And spelled out in a story
Inked with black and grey
Trying to make peace with
A chance that slipped away

Perhaps it was a lost love
Or a family that broke free
Maybe it was just that loss
One chance that cannot be

We all live with our sorrows
And seek to make them right
Some write it to remind em
Try and document their fight

The gentle peace of knowing
That others heard their song
Written out in black and grey
To try and right what’s wrong

PT Muldoon ©2017


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