The Bear


One of the highlights of this year was visiting Alabama and meeting relatives that for most of my life I did not know even existed….on that trip I met Dave Gallet or Bear as he is known…he is a good friend of my brother Will Beck and it was an honor to meet him and to add him to my circle of friends!!! Bear honorably served our country in the Vietnam War as a member of Special Forces which placed him right in the heart of the action….all these years later his exposure to agent orange has visited it’s price on his body but never upon his amazing spirit. He got his first wild hog this year hunting with Will after a whole lot of effort and commitment to the task……you guys know around here that none of you are immune to my poetry….saw this pic on here of Bear and I decided to pen one in his honor…..”hero” is an overused word in this day and age so when you meet a real one it leaves an impression!! Congrats on your success Bear…proud to know you my friend. PT

The Bear

Gait now slow and struggled
Hard price tag from that war
But he still wears it proudly
This freedom he fought for

His trike fine piece of artistry
The great hunter deep inside
When he’s called up to action
Old Bear’s still game to ride

Age might slow him somewhat
But his smile still fills the room
I’m proud I came to meet him
I hope to visit there real soon

For years he’d hunt the wild hog
Though his body penned in chair
But I heard he bagged a good one
We’re all proud you got him Bear!

A man’s life builds with stories
Told true then lived to tell
Free life made from the dreaming
Be proud you dreamed yours well

PT Muldoon ©2017


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