K9 Friends


Friend of mine is facing a pretty rough patch in his life as his dog was diagnosed with bone cancer and is not expected to survive it. Made me think about all the awesome dogs I’ve had and how much joy they have added to my life. Wrote this short verse this afternoon for everyone who’s ever had really cool dog and known the incredible level of unconditional love they offer up. PT

K9 Friends

They give amazing moments
That bring full hearts to bear
Perhaps to share the journey
Or just soothe by being there

We gather them across this life
Some are timid, brave and bold
In the hope they’ll be beside us
When our lives grow grey and old

Their spirit brings a special love
With smile they stir our hearts
Then fill our lives with meaning
As they play their special parts

And each are true and special
All these loyal canine friends
That make our lives much better
With this love that never ends

PT Muldoon 2017


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