On Heavens Wind

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Been a while since I shared a brand new poem with my friends…been working on this one for quote a while now….I really like it a lot but wanted to fine tune it until I felt it was all done …I read an awesome quote a while back from an ancient Arab proverb that said “The wind of heaven is that which blows between a horses ears”….. it gave me pause and the thought behind this poem….It goes out all who pursue something completely different other than simply riding their horse….that connection between a person and a trusted horse is something rare and amazing it can take a lifetime if it comes at all and for those who find it even if only once….. there is nothing that can ever fill in that space again and so begins a lifetime chasing something few will ever catch and for those who do it is worth more than gold… hope you guys like the poem!!! PT

On Heavens Wind

Drifting down from starlight
Sweet wind from up above
In breath of countless angels
Conveyed in grace and love

Created past nights embers
Breathed deep into a foal
To channel all imagined
Into that creature’s soul

Perhaps for just that moment
Where man and horse unite
To dance the hidden pastures
Til both souls find what’s right

Some ride just for the pleasure
Others chase that victor’s tale
But this kind seeks a taste of
Where angels breath finds sail

Two souls seek out reflection
Sacred moment caught on high
Pursue what can’t be harnessed
On that ride cross midnight sky

When angels bring the present
In this sacred magic chance
Holy wind binds souls together
Where a man and wild one dance

PT Muldoon ©2017




Wrote a new one last night…as I put aside my grief a year later I find myself gradually moving to better place.Healing is a process and I appreciate all the love and support of my friends during my time of healing. PT


In passing year to mourn my loss
Heart walled off to ease this pain
My grief came out in rolling waves
I shunned the sun,I sought the rain

Now the light comes shining forth
And memories find this quiet place
Time to stand back up once more
Find the strength to join this race

Feel the warmth of those now gone
They joined my tribe as angel friends
And guard our spirits with their light
They wait for us beyond the bends

As life and energy made whole
Angels work and pull us through
We band together in this storm
To find a strength to fight anew

The energy that fills my heart
Forged by all who rode ahead
Their spirits live within me now
Their legacy will not be dead

PT Muldoon 2017



On the drive in this morning I took our Dodge Dually…forced me to listen to regular radio (something I rarely do these days with satellite radio in my car). I was extremely dissapointed to hear some of the ignorance and hatred being spewed in from both sides regarding race….sat down and penned a verse to put words to how I feel…..don’t get me wrong I’m not stepping on some high horse….I’ve certainly been guilty of prejudice in my life and falling short of what the good book challenges me to be….but it occurs to me that our actions affect our children and maybe if we step up we can make the world better than we found it. Reminds me of a favorite Tom Dorrance quote: Don’t treat em how they are…treat em how you want em to be. Hope you like the new poem.PT


Colors of the spectrum
Change what we can be
Colors cause dissension
Of how and what we see

Colors really matter
Then again they don’t
Color makes decisions
What we’ll be or won’t

I like certain colors
Just because I do
Doesn’t make me right
It never makes it true

Colors will affect us
Changing how we feel
Make a day much better
Bring that focus real

I like Red Dun Buckskins
They just fit my eye
But now I got a red horse
He’s full of spark and try

I don’t ride his color
Value’s in his heart
After thinking on it
Color’s not one part

Hearing all this trouble
Bout a person’s skin
Points to just how stupid
All of us have been

We can do much better
If we step up and try
Color only matters
When we’re talking sky
PT Muldoon ©2017

The Tribe


Wrote this one for my “Tribe” you guys know who you are….we march to a drum only we hear and when we lose one of our own the world becomes a poorer place. Lots of people love horses but for some they are enmeshed in the very fabric of their lives….I feel blessed to be a part of this life and hope my words in some small way do it justice!!! PT

The Tribe

My ponies like a part of me
A presence I need just like air
I turn to them for sustenance
Upon a trail we ride and share

For some souls it’s a leisure
And for others,treasured love
For me it’s pure deliverance
Sent forth from God above

Their essence is my beacon
As they draw my soul within
To feed that place inside me
Where hope springs up again

For we this tribe of equus
Must ride and live and learn
And touch the creature’s spirit
This life for which we yearn

On trails that earthly mortals
Can’t see the miles we’ve been
Then touch the horses spirit
In that place held deep within

For all men are from “Terra”
Yet very few are of our tribe
That wade into the mystic
Hearts beating equus vibe

All who ride these mystic trails
Return to them on each new day
Until we don’t return then leave
The lives we touched along the way

PT Muldoon ©2017

The Shadows


Paxton Rodriguez gave me this cool picture of him on his Grandpa Roy Rodriguez’s barn beside a picture of Roy roping one in his prime….Couldn’t resist giving it words…..Hope you like it Paxton…..wicked cool pic!!!PT

The Shadows

There is a rite of passage
That every young man knows
They step into their own light
Put on their Father’s clothes

Tradition and the knowledge
That others rode this way
Carved a life and made a mark
As morning changed to day

Caught there in the shadows
Are those who came before
To leave behind a standard
Bold stories become lore

Their life a bold collection
Of those who made the ride
And gave to them a legacy
Then handed off with pride

And sometimes in the shadows
You see them side by side
The elders hand the reins off
And youngsters make life’s ride

PT Muldoon © 2017

All Cattle and Some Hat


Some pictures just beg me to write one to go with em. One of my favorite people in the world….his Dad is a treasured friend and watching him make a hand before my eyes makes me proud to know him….This ones all you Mr. Preston!! I love the pic, hope you like the words!!PT

All Cattle and Some Hat

Born to handle livestock well
He’s all cattle with some hat
The first to step into the task
His cow’s are slick and fat

The lessons he’s been given
Handed down across the time
By men who earned their living
Holding livestock tight to line

In a world that’s ever changing
It’s good that some things stay
Like kid’s who love the lifestyle
As they learn the cowboy way

There’s those who try to fake it
Pretending they’re all that
Until they meet the real deal
Who’s earned his cowboy hat

He’s handy when its needed
And quiet round the stock
When he throws a loop out
His aim is solid as a rock

Someday when he is all grown up
With traditions taught and learned
He will carry on a long strong line
And pass on the skills he earned

PT Muldoon ©2017

The Run

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Over the years Tiggs and I have taken a run at catching a whitetail in our loop. They are quick and we have always gotten outrun….until tonight!!! Sometimes everything just lines up and you get a really cool moment and the story of a lifetime!!! Guess the angels thought we were due one tonight!!! Wrote a little verse to commemorate the occasion. PT

The Run

I headed out on Tigger
To take our evening ride
And Stella there beside us
To watch the sun subside

I packed my trusty practice rope
In case we got the chance
To try and catch a whitetail
And do a victory dance

The rope is made to breakaway
So no one gets tied up
Been dreaming of this evening
Since I was just a pup

And there along the cornrows
I built a big old loop
Where Stella ventures deeply
And makes the whitetail whoop

And far into the rows I heard
The cracking as they go
The first one had a big old rack
The second was a doe

That third one was a little girl
She didn’t come too quick
I tossed the big old loop out
And somehow it would stick

And when she hit the slack out
That Honda did it’s job
And let that deer run freely
To join its waiting mob

I’ve waited twenty years for this
And prayed we’d get our chance
To dab a loop on whitetail deer
And take one victory dance

It wasn’t speed or skillful hand
That got it finally done
Just Stella and old Tigger
Setting up the perfect run

PT Muldoon ©2017

You Don’t Owe Me Nothing


Coming up on a year since my Dad crossed over and I thought I’d pen a new one that’s been rattling around in my brain for a while. You don’t owe me nothing was a phrase I heard so many times in my life from my Dad that I simply lost count. Whenever he’d do a little job he’d sign his name and put the date so I literally can look in a million places on the farm and see his signature and remember working beside my Dad. Kinda cool when you think about it….I never stopped to think about all the things he taught me to do over the years but it’d be easier to think of the ones he didn’t which were few. Whenever something breaks I secretly thank him when I can go get a part and rebuild it myself. So this one goes to all the folks out there who had the privilege of having an awesome Father who taught us the skills now our own. PT

You Don’t Owe Me Nothing

You don’t owe me nothing
I’d heard my Father say
This help is offered freely
There’s not a price to pay

I thought about his wording
The start he’d offered up
Guidance and the kindness
He gave to this young pup

I thought about his service
His time in that great war
The friends he lost in battle
Guarding freedom’s door

I thought of all the teaching
To help me make a hand
The gentle clear instruction
As this boy became a man

I thought of all the money
My careless style did waste
All the wrecks and damage
Caused by youth and haste

I thought of all his patience
Encouragement and praise
Nights that he spent sleepless
With His two kids to raise

I thought of all the moments
A lesser man would quit
But he just kept on carving
Until this peg would fit

You don’t owe me nothing
Could not be more untrue
For every task accomplished
Well Pops they’re due to you

PT Muldoon ©2017

Fifty Five


My sister Tina Doyle surprised me with an awesome birthday poem….had me literally in stitches so I decided to write my own humorous one in the spirit of something a little more lighthearted….as my Mom at my birthday lunch asked me “do you ever write any happy ones?” So here it is in honor of the awesome birthday weekend and in the spirit of a something a bit lighter….sorry about the bad word at the end Mom but you know how I am…. it kinda just popped out!!!PT

Fifty Five

It came on kind of sudden
This double nickel day
I tried my best to duck it
But God said “son no way”

Been ridden kinda ragged
Then put up kinda wet
So making it past fifty
Was not the safest bet

So now that I’m much older
I guess I’ll give the chance
To taking better care of
The man who wears my pants

Perhaps I’ll eat more veggies
And start some exercise
Before this fog of aging
Dims up my old brown eyes

I spent life running horses
And speeding hot rod cars
So risk was kinda given
I earned my box of scars

But sixty’s the new twenty
And I’m just warming up
So skip the metamusil
There’s bourbon in my cup

I won’t be going slower
My foot’s hard on the gas
Those who bet against me
Can kiss my ancient ass

PT Muldoon ©2017

Requiem For A Guitar Man


In this journey of life some people touch me in ways I cannot fully explain…their spirit moves me and they become part of my tribe forever. Gary Joseph Modlinski was one of those people…a lifelong friend I met as a young man in grade school. We remained friends across the great span of time and his love for life and music was like a lighthouse to me…. always constant. Gary encouraged my writing and I encouraged his music and we kept going a friendship that would span more than 40 years. We lost Gary this past weekend and I felt compelled to mark that occasion…. and in some small way to honor his life’s journey with my words….he was a consummate musician and he loved to share that with all of his friends…at his core he was a man who knew where he came from and was deeply proud of his roots and his faith and his circle of friends. So this one’s for you my good friend…I wish we could have put some music to it together… but for now words alone will have to suffice…much love…PT

Requiem For A Guitar Man

I listened as he touched the strings
Then heard his guitar’s engine roar
He made us all stand up and sing
Hands and lighters begged for more

Gary told his tales in blazing rifs
He practiced every single chance
Then took us to imagined cliffs
As rhythm freed our souls to dance

He made us feel, those driving jars
Strings woke hidden heart’s desires
On stage in darkened smoky bars
Where the music lit ancestral fires

He was a man who played it loud
Then touched us all as he passed by
And now his stage there in the clouds
To lift our hearts and help tears dry

Gifts bestowed at birth by God
By his choice he made them sweet
As life passed time upon earth’s sod
Until one day where angels meet

My friend for life he was to me
A treasured spirit’s gentle soul
Now my friend your heart is free
The angels hear your rock and roll

PT Muldoon ©2017