The Bill


Here’s a new one I wrote yesterday, had lot of extra time not watching NFL football…gave this poem a lot of thought….we can argue forever about the act of protesting….or we can all grab an oar and make things better so there is no longer a need to protest….choice is up to all of us….seems to me when things are broken in this country, Americans have always found a way to get together and fix them. PT

The Bill

You managed to disrupt one day
Protests gave our nation pause
I wonder why you grabbed a knee
Together, in your players cause

Just curious what you plan to do
To fix this burr that’s in your hide
Will you invest your famous lives
To make things better for all sides

And give time freely help to heal
Will you teach kids to find a way
To seek out justice here at home
Just what will these players pay?

Remember all the men who died
To furnish freedom on this shore
They paid a price too high to know
Will you stand up? Will you do more?

And will you stand with men in blue
Who walk a line so tough to stand
And change this story til it’s right
And bring hope back unto our land?

Will you stand up with all who lead
To chart that better course to sail
Or will you just complain and whine
Will you help to fix? or let her fail?

For once the problem is out front
The only ones who stand the fight
Are those men willing to step up
To see the wrong and make it right

A bill is coming for your choice
Will you be men enough to pay
Or will you only grab a knee
Shirk the cost that comes your way

That flag our fathers bled to fly
Will weather one small whiny day
Paid in full with blood and tears
To shine a light to freedom’s day

So when the cost gets tallied up
Changing wrongs you came to right
Then get back up, remove that lid
And stand the post and join the fight

PT Muldoon ©2017


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