The Lost


The Lost

Deep in the silence of darkness
Past where the trail disappears
As they fly upon spirited horses
To chase beyond midnight all fears

For these are the bold and the restless
This cadence of time maps their road
Chasing great herds for the gather
Where moon and the starlight explode

Only stars witness their movement
Bold ponies that carry them through
To dance with the wind and the angels
With purpose and good work left to do

Somewhere past midnight a respite
To rest ponies and with stories to tell
Of souls brought deep from darkness
On their gather to keep them from hell

The brand is a cross made of lightning
All their bridles and saddles hand built
On a ride under starlight and darkness
With hearts free from conflict or guilt

Out here where trail crosses darkness
And only bright stars light their way
They ride neath the cover of nightfall
To bring their lost herds from the fray

Upon trails that are steep and imposing
Riding sure footed horses through night
To find what the lost have been seeking
And then bring their herd safely to light

PT Muldoon ©2017


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