I try and write as often as I can….my Father asked me to work at it….It was the final assignment from the man who guided my life as a boy and shaped who I would grow to become… see I have a dream that someday if I work at it I can become a good writer… Father believed in the power of dreams!!!…and he believed that each of us has an obligation to fully develop the gifts we are given….watching him pursue his dreams across his lifetime of nearly 90 years became the guidepost for my own life……one of the most profound lessons he gave me was that simple act of steady persistence….he once told me that if you work hard at chasing your dreams and improve even the slightest little bit every day…..well eventually you can accomplish what you thought was impossible… a very young athlete I remember telling my Father that there were two kids ahead of me on the teams depth chart….he asked one simple question….are they getting better every single day?….no I replied, not everyday….well then you can catch them was his advice…the only question left is are you willing to work harder than they are willing to work!!!
So thank you for reading what I write here….you see I’m still chasing something…..a goal set forth by the man who raised me and mentored me…and I’m trying very hard to get just a little bit better at it everyday. Here’s tonight’s effort. Hope you guys like it. PT


I won’t forget the chance you gave
Time and space still moved along
Into the place where memories stay
Then fade out softly like sweet song

Life brought so many lessons real
You tried to build a man from child
Then harness in a youngsters heart
Yet not destroy what’s free and wild

As each year melts into sweet past
These unbridled spirits free and bold
Forged by torch you passed to me
A life of dreams my hands to hold

Moments shared that fade in time
The years will swallow what we did
As life grows dimmer in our past
When elder rose from youthful kid

Lessons built right from the heart
Hills so steep or so they seemed
Until you gently carved that trail
To take a boy to a life he dreamed

Men were made to charge the sky
And roughly scale that waiting hill
To use the gifts bestowed by God
Until their emptied lives grew still

Thank you for the chances shared
Endure, then chase my very best
Struggle brought out so much more
Than all that followed with the rest

And in this lesson that you taught
Along my journey shared with you
Our dreams still always within reach
If chased by men whose hearts are true

PT Muldoon 2017


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