The Marker


The Marker

In a cross design so timeless
Tattooed out in black and grey
Simple tribute to the treasured
From sweet better bygone day

Initials marked and dated
Underneath a Celtic cross
Our reminder of the fallen
As we navigate their loss

There’s a million soulful stories
Of the loved who came before
Now they wait for us in heaven
Just beyond life’s mortal door

In that patch of ink and sorrow
The marker made to honor grief
Where roots run so much deeper
As death came calling like a thief

Here in loss we seek redemption
As lives captured, memories true
Drawn to keep those stories going
Carved with ink to help us through

And we hold on to their memory
Those bold stories drawn on skin
Holding tight to all that mattered
Until those lost come home again

PT Muldoon ©2017


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