Cowboys Final Turn


A story came my way this morning via an old friend…..the story was about a young lady named Ellie and a treasured barrel horse called Cowpony that recently made that fateful final ride. For those who know me I write a lot of poetry… mainly about the cowboys and cowgirls here in the Mitten….. I figured any young lady with this much love for her horse deserved to have that connection immortalized in words. Figured I would make good use of my lunch hour and do just that.
Their story touched my heart as I have been blessed myself with a lifetime horse (Tiggs) who changed my own life….Tiggs is turning 26 soon and we are on our 20th year together chasing cows and I treasure each and every moment I’m given with him…so I get what it feels like to have one of the really special ones to share this journey with!! I hope you don’t mind that I penned a short one just for Ellie….it’s called Cowpony’s Final Turn. Love and Light PT

Cowpony’s Final Turn

As the leather touches horsehair
Deep connection finds our souls
Sacred places proud and loyal
Breathed by God into sweet foals

To grieve one you’ve been given
Means you understood how strong
Their connection to your spirit
Will remain with you lifelong

When you reach your destination
As that light fades from the burn
Hold on tight to your connection
Taste that one sweet final turn

Treasure each and every memory
From all those patterns tightly run
For this gift your maker gave you
Not knowing it was your final one

All the miles make up the moments
As those moments make sweet day
With a treasured lifetime pony
That brought you here this way

You were blessed to turn the barrels
And those memories will stay true
Of this horse you called Cowpony
God sent here to ride with you

PT Muldoon ©2017


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