I watched some reality TV with my wife late last night….I appreciated the company of my awesome partner and best friend….but that program was an hour of my life wasted that I will not ever get back!!!!….decided to pen one in honor of this convoluted new “reality famous” we’re being inundated with….I call this one Semi-Famous…Love and Light everyone!!!PT


Some will fill the world stage
They perform before our eyes
As we idolize and scrutinize
Their triumphs, trials, and tries

When I was but a youngster
I dreamt to take that stage
Write my name up in the stars
And draw that famous wage

Seems being known by people
Don’t know who you really are
Well that’s the very definition
In this our world of what’s a star

I would rather I was famous
Here in my small town place
My neighbors see me clearly
This soul behind the face

The ones that understand me
All the trials that I have seen
Still think I am a good one
Know my spirit is not mean

I put more stock in famous
When it’s just among us few
Than Hollywood pretending
These poser’s lives are true

So mark me “Semi-Famous”
Yes I’ll gladly take that part
I put more stock in small towns
Where men get judged on heart

PT Muldoon 2017


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