The Seat Beside The Fire


Been reading some really awesome Christmas story poems that cowboys had written from back at the turn of the century…..I decided to try my own hand at one tonight and attempt to get myself in the spirit of this holiday season….I hope you guys like it. And I hope you all have a truly blessed Christmas with your own families this year. PT

The Seat Beside The Fire

It was Christmas in the line camp
We hadn’t seen too much for snow
When a norther blew quite sudden
Kind of storm that just won’t let go

A neighbor came and brought us
To his camp for Christmas cheer
Big old fire charred baked potatoes
Steak from freshly butchered steer

In a corner by an old wood stove
Was a thick carved rocking chair
With a quilt that smelled of perfume
Like a woman had just been there

By the chair were sugar cookies
Stacked in an old gold faded tin
With one big old blue silk ribbon
Same kind that 4H kids still win

I was just a greenhorn cowboy
So I asked him about that chair
And if I could taste one cookie
There was plenty left to share

The man dried off a teardrop
As he gently moved the quilt
And I felt a twinge of sadness
With one big old side of guilt

He said this is my first Christmas
Without my sweet wife Mary near
So last night I baked these cookies
And I brought her chair in here

We sang old time Christmas carols
As we watched thick falling snow
Then that night air got plumb heavy
And we knew that we should go

We rode out on Christmas morning
Just to feed cows cakes and hay
For some reason made a detour
Where we’d been just yesterday

Returned the way we came from
Past a meadow towards the trees
Then saw the place in light of day
Took us both down to our knees

Cabin roof fell down in shambles
That whole place was caving in
But enough left to still make out
It’s where last night we had been

And beside it on a grassy hill
Two rocks stood side by side
And the first said Joseph on it
The second named his bride

Dates carved a single year apart
On that day both lives would stay
For you see they each read 25th
Both passed over Christmas day

It has been near 50 winters now
And my line camp days are done
Each year when Christmas comes
I still remember just that one

Old log cabin in the mountains
Neath the raging storm of snow
To share our Christmas miracle
With Mary’s husband Joe

PT Muldoon ©2017



This was one I wrote a few years back and lost….it came back to me via a memory on FB so I figured I better get it saved this time.PT


In the quiet of the evening
Just before the sun goes down
The air hangs deep and heavy
As the darkness comes around

It’s so quiet and forgiving
As the daylight fades to black
From a day chocked full of living
Till the sun comes off the track

It’s a quiet easy rhythm
Like a lullaby it sings
As the passing day forgiven
Among stars the darkness brings

In that quiet contemplation
As the moon begins its rise
A reminder of our station
As the stars fill up our eyes
PTMuldoon 2015

Cowboys Final Turn


A story came my way this morning via an old friend…..the story was about a young lady named Ellie and a treasured barrel horse called Cowpony that recently made that fateful final ride. For those who know me I write a lot of poetry… mainly about the cowboys and cowgirls here in the Mitten….. I figured any young lady with this much love for her horse deserved to have that connection immortalized in words. Figured I would make good use of my lunch hour and do just that.
Their story touched my heart as I have been blessed myself with a lifetime horse (Tiggs) who changed my own life….Tiggs is turning 26 soon and we are on our 20th year together chasing cows and I treasure each and every moment I’m given with him…so I get what it feels like to have one of the really special ones to share this journey with!! I hope you don’t mind that I penned a short one just for Ellie….it’s called Cowpony’s Final Turn. Love and Light PT

Cowpony’s Final Turn

As the leather touches horsehair
Deep connection finds our souls
Sacred places proud and loyal
Breathed by God into sweet foals

To grieve one you’ve been given
Means you understood how strong
Their connection to your spirit
Will remain with you lifelong

When you reach your destination
As that light fades from the burn
Hold on tight to your connection
Taste that one sweet final turn

Treasure each and every memory
From all those patterns tightly run
For this gift your maker gave you
Not knowing it was your final one

All the miles make up the moments
As those moments make sweet day
With a treasured lifetime pony
That brought you here this way

You were blessed to turn the barrels
And those memories will stay true
Of this horse you called Cowpony
God sent here to ride with you

PT Muldoon ©2017



I watched some reality TV with my wife late last night….I appreciated the company of my awesome partner and best friend….but that program was an hour of my life wasted that I will not ever get back!!!!….decided to pen one in honor of this convoluted new “reality famous” we’re being inundated with….I call this one Semi-Famous…Love and Light everyone!!!PT


Some will fill the world stage
They perform before our eyes
As we idolize and scrutinize
Their triumphs, trials, and tries

When I was but a youngster
I dreamt to take that stage
Write my name up in the stars
And draw that famous wage

Seems being known by people
Don’t know who you really are
Well that’s the very definition
In this our world of what’s a star

I would rather I was famous
Here in my small town place
My neighbors see me clearly
This soul behind the face

The ones that understand me
All the trials that I have seen
Still think I am a good one
Know my spirit is not mean

I put more stock in famous
When it’s just among us few
Than Hollywood pretending
These poser’s lives are true

So mark me “Semi-Famous”
Yes I’ll gladly take that part
I put more stock in small towns
Where men get judged on heart

PT Muldoon 2017

Nod Of Understanding


A friend on here Karmel Timmons Machele created this amazing picture….I just love her work….I wrote a little verse to go with it. Hope you guys like it. She has a website and her work is amazing so check it out!! Love and Light!!! PT

Nod Of Understanding

Its a nod of understanding
This deal between but two
The Vaquero and Caballo
This honest work they do

Fine gear is built by artists
Then held with able hand
A talk between two spirits
As both prove up their sand

You can see it in an instant
This dream that’s sent aloft
In horse eye kind and willing
Neath one with hands so soft

Their story is an old one
Among our cowboy band
It echos through the ages
By those who tamed a land

PT Muldoon ©2017

The Marker


The Marker

In a cross design so timeless
Tattooed out in black and grey
Simple tribute to the treasured
From sweet better bygone day

Initials marked and dated
Underneath a Celtic cross
Our reminder of the fallen
As we navigate their loss

There’s a million soulful stories
Of the loved who came before
Now they wait for us in heaven
Just beyond life’s mortal door

In that patch of ink and sorrow
The marker made to honor grief
Where roots run so much deeper
As death came calling like a thief

Here in loss we seek redemption
As lives captured, memories true
Drawn to keep those stories going
Carved with ink to help us through

And we hold on to their memory
Those bold stories drawn on skin
Holding tight to all that mattered
Until those lost come home again

PT Muldoon ©2017



I try and write as often as I can….my Father asked me to work at it….It was the final assignment from the man who guided my life as a boy and shaped who I would grow to become… see I have a dream that someday if I work at it I can become a good writer… Father believed in the power of dreams!!!…and he believed that each of us has an obligation to fully develop the gifts we are given….watching him pursue his dreams across his lifetime of nearly 90 years became the guidepost for my own life……one of the most profound lessons he gave me was that simple act of steady persistence….he once told me that if you work hard at chasing your dreams and improve even the slightest little bit every day…..well eventually you can accomplish what you thought was impossible… a very young athlete I remember telling my Father that there were two kids ahead of me on the teams depth chart….he asked one simple question….are they getting better every single day?….no I replied, not everyday….well then you can catch them was his advice…the only question left is are you willing to work harder than they are willing to work!!!
So thank you for reading what I write here….you see I’m still chasing something…..a goal set forth by the man who raised me and mentored me…and I’m trying very hard to get just a little bit better at it everyday. Here’s tonight’s effort. Hope you guys like it. PT


I won’t forget the chance you gave
Time and space still moved along
Into the place where memories stay
Then fade out softly like sweet song

Life brought so many lessons real
You tried to build a man from child
Then harness in a youngsters heart
Yet not destroy what’s free and wild

As each year melts into sweet past
These unbridled spirits free and bold
Forged by torch you passed to me
A life of dreams my hands to hold

Moments shared that fade in time
The years will swallow what we did
As life grows dimmer in our past
When elder rose from youthful kid

Lessons built right from the heart
Hills so steep or so they seemed
Until you gently carved that trail
To take a boy to a life he dreamed

Men were made to charge the sky
And roughly scale that waiting hill
To use the gifts bestowed by God
Until their emptied lives grew still

Thank you for the chances shared
Endure, then chase my very best
Struggle brought out so much more
Than all that followed with the rest

And in this lesson that you taught
Along my journey shared with you
Our dreams still always within reach
If chased by men whose hearts are true

PT Muldoon 2017

The Lost


The Lost

Deep in the silence of darkness
Past where the trail disappears
As they fly upon spirited horses
To chase beyond midnight all fears

For these are the bold and the restless
This cadence of time maps their road
Chasing great herds for the gather
Where moon and the starlight explode

Only stars witness their movement
Bold ponies that carry them through
To dance with the wind and the angels
With purpose and good work left to do

Somewhere past midnight a respite
To rest ponies and with stories to tell
Of souls brought deep from darkness
On their gather to keep them from hell

The brand is a cross made of lightning
All their bridles and saddles hand built
On a ride under starlight and darkness
With hearts free from conflict or guilt

Out here where trail crosses darkness
And only bright stars light their way
They ride neath the cover of nightfall
To bring their lost herds from the fray

Upon trails that are steep and imposing
Riding sure footed horses through night
To find what the lost have been seeking
And then bring their herd safely to light

PT Muldoon ©2017

The Curve


Last nights effort…doesn’t require a lot of explanation…love and light my friends!!PT

The Curve

A date carved out on the left side
And another in stone to its right
Make my dash a little bit crooked
Cuz frankly I was never quite right

Some live their life in the quiet
While others take an edgier side
I’d prefer to slide in hair on fire
Live life like an eight second ride

Passion and guts are the treasure
Few men ever stand at the edge
I love that kind that lives fearless
Grabbing horns, flat out at the ledge

Two dates to mark your bold journey
For a life that was lived not just seen
So bend that small dash in the middle
And mark the ride “wild” in between

PT Muldoon ©2017

The Bill


Here’s a new one I wrote yesterday, had lot of extra time not watching NFL football…gave this poem a lot of thought….we can argue forever about the act of protesting….or we can all grab an oar and make things better so there is no longer a need to protest….choice is up to all of us….seems to me when things are broken in this country, Americans have always found a way to get together and fix them. PT

The Bill

You managed to disrupt one day
Protests gave our nation pause
I wonder why you grabbed a knee
Together, in your players cause

Just curious what you plan to do
To fix this burr that’s in your hide
Will you invest your famous lives
To make things better for all sides

And give time freely help to heal
Will you teach kids to find a way
To seek out justice here at home
Just what will these players pay?

Remember all the men who died
To furnish freedom on this shore
They paid a price too high to know
Will you stand up? Will you do more?

And will you stand with men in blue
Who walk a line so tough to stand
And change this story til it’s right
And bring hope back unto our land?

Will you stand up with all who lead
To chart that better course to sail
Or will you just complain and whine
Will you help to fix? or let her fail?

For once the problem is out front
The only ones who stand the fight
Are those men willing to step up
To see the wrong and make it right

A bill is coming for your choice
Will you be men enough to pay
Or will you only grab a knee
Shirk the cost that comes your way

That flag our fathers bled to fly
Will weather one small whiny day
Paid in full with blood and tears
To shine a light to freedom’s day

So when the cost gets tallied up
Changing wrongs you came to right
Then get back up, remove that lid
And stand the post and join the fight

PT Muldoon ©2017