K9 Friends


Friend of mine is facing a pretty rough patch in his life as his dog was diagnosed with bone cancer and is not expected to survive it. Made me think about all the awesome dogs I’ve had and how much joy they have added to my life. Wrote this short verse this afternoon for everyone who’s ever had really cool dog and known the incredible level of unconditional love they offer up. PT

K9 Friends

They give amazing moments
That bring full hearts to bear
Perhaps to share the journey
Or just soothe by being there

We gather them across this life
Some are timid, brave and bold
In the hope they’ll be beside us
When our lives grow grey and old

Their spirit brings a special love
With smile they stir our hearts
Then fill our lives with meaning
As they play their special parts

And each are true and special
All these loyal canine friends
That make our lives much better
With this love that never ends

PT Muldoon 2017

Black and Grey


Here’s one I’ve been working for a while…finally kind of finished itself. I love all my connections on here because I think sometimes we get to know people we never would in our ordinary life…I like that people in New York who have never been where I have can read my words and find a common ground and in some small way two very different people find a sort of friendship. I have seen a fair piece of the world in my life and what strikes me most is that we have a lot more in common then we’d like to believe….maybe by getting to hear each others stories we will be reminded of that…..we all just want our lives to matter and for our songs to be heard…pretty cool when you think about it that way. Love and Light my friends.PT

Black and Grey

Inside the pain and sorrow
Spelled out just like a song
Written bold in ink on flesh
To make a right from wrong

Everybody knows the drill
Some better than the rest
Of some fork in a crossroad
Where life fell short of best

And spelled out in a story
Inked with black and grey
Trying to make peace with
A chance that slipped away

Perhaps it was a lost love
Or a family that broke free
Maybe it was just that loss
One chance that cannot be

We all live with our sorrows
And seek to make them right
Some write it to remind em
Try and document their fight

The gentle peace of knowing
That others heard their song
Written out in black and grey
To try and right what’s wrong

PT Muldoon ©2017

The Bear


One of the highlights of this year was visiting Alabama and meeting relatives that for most of my life I did not know even existed….on that trip I met Dave Gallet or Bear as he is known…he is a good friend of my brother Will Beck and it was an honor to meet him and to add him to my circle of friends!!! Bear honorably served our country in the Vietnam War as a member of Special Forces which placed him right in the heart of the action….all these years later his exposure to agent orange has visited it’s price on his body but never upon his amazing spirit. He got his first wild hog this year hunting with Will after a whole lot of effort and commitment to the task……you guys know around here that none of you are immune to my poetry….saw this pic on here of Bear and I decided to pen one in his honor…..”hero” is an overused word in this day and age so when you meet a real one it leaves an impression!! Congrats on your success Bear…proud to know you my friend. PT

The Bear

Gait now slow and struggled
Hard price tag from that war
But he still wears it proudly
This freedom he fought for

His trike fine piece of artistry
The great hunter deep inside
When he’s called up to action
Old Bear’s still game to ride

Age might slow him somewhat
But his smile still fills the room
I’m proud I came to meet him
I hope to visit there real soon

For years he’d hunt the wild hog
Though his body penned in chair
But I heard he bagged a good one
We’re all proud you got him Bear!

A man’s life builds with stories
Told true then lived to tell
Free life made from the dreaming
Be proud you dreamed yours well

PT Muldoon ©2017

Right and Left


Erik David Wolford and Mallory Wolford are good friends…I poached the pic off their Facebook page and noticed the boots…If ever a cool pic deserved it’s own words this one did….PT

Right and Left

Out in chute gate number 2
Screwed on tight to ride
Laying in the backseat
For one cool wicked ride

Put his boots on backwards
Try to get some extra grip
And ride his bronco special
On this eight second trip

Some guy’s punch a time clock
And others truck and ride
But this lad breaks tornado’s
Built outta blood and hide

When his rides all over with
And he’s picking up the loot
I hope his wife can help him
Put the right foot in right boot

PT Muldoon ©2017

Cool Money In The Bank


Photo courtesy of Carissa Kluck

Sheila Carlson posted a picture and asked for a poem to go with it……I decided to accept the challenge and give it some words…..Hope you guys like it!!!PT

Cool Money In The Bank

At a fence beside the pasture
Sits my Daddy’s water tank
He put there forty years ago
Cool money in the bank

I played there as a button
Beside new yearling calves
It cooled the humid summers
And gave it’s share of baths

The pipe that feeds the water
Flowed cool out of the ground
And gave us clean fresh water
With peaceful rhythmic sound

And sometimes in the evening
Young cows will stand and stare
There deeply as the water runs
Then stay to drink their share

The place depends on me now
And I’ve come to love the tank
Built to last by a fathers hands
Cool money in the bank

PT Muldoon ©2017



White and Blue


Saw this cool pic on Sheila Carlson‘s page and felt moved to pen a new one while I ate my lunch today….hope you guys like it. I sure love them old trucks….they are like time machines.PT

White and Blue

Out behind the woodshed collecting dirt and dust
Fading from the sunlight as it slowly slipped to rust
A Fifty Seven pickup truck made by Dodge to last
That old Power Wagon could really haul some ass

We used it like a tractor always loaded like a mule
Every Monday morning it’d haul our butts to school
That radio was am band them tires were bias ply
On our red dirt gravel road she taught us kids to fly

My memory is still foggy of when she ran her last
But I would bet my savings the last ride still was fast
Parked out with the wagons and other scrap we had
Every time I passed her the sight would make me sad

One day an old guy came and bought her with the pile
Years later when I saw her that photo made me smile
Our old Power Wagon painted up and made brand new
Lean and clean and wicked in two tone white and blue

PT Muldoon ©2017

The Wild


Last nights new one….Julie Asher Lee I love your wildlife work…thought you might enjoy this one. PT

The Wild

Beneath the secret places 
Beyond the thickest wood
There lives out in the forest
Hidden creatures of the good

They go about their daily life
Not knowing we are near
And live out in those edges
Content to stay right there

I hear their cries at nightfall
While on my twilight rides
And sometimes I catch glimpses
Of piercing eyes and hides

I like that they’re still with us
Just past this edge of wood
To hold some piece of wildness
To search the night for food

The world is ever changing
And they’ll be gone someday
And we will be much poorer
When the last wild fades away

PT Muldoon © 2017

The Gather


New one from last night…..finished it up this morning as I watched the sun come up on my drive into work…hope you like it!!PT

The Gather

Deep through night the riders moved in
As I strained to determine their source
Only the stars to mark their way through
And a full moon to measure that course

They moved with the grace of His angels
With a rhythmic sweet cadence in grass
Out here where the mystic finds starlight
And hooves paint their tracks in the pass

These horses with manes still on fire
From a ride past the edge of the sun
On their drive that began at creation
Going back to when time had begun

And the light given forth was so blinding
That I strained just to capture one sight
Of this posse of God’s mounted cowboy’s
On a gather for the lost through the night

PT Muldoon ©2017



Here’s another new one I been playing with for a bit…hope you like it.The pic is of my friend Erik David Wolford….thought it kinda went cool with the poem….PT


Walking with my Father
I met this protest throng
Spoke about how right they were
Yelled “boy’s just move along”

Free speech is for everyone
Not just for their side
You can beg to differ friend
But it’s our Democratic ride

Hang that peg up higher son
Chase the dark til dawn
Freedom has a price to pay
So keep it growing strong

Maybe your unhappy now
To hear what I might say
But out here in America
All people get their day

So color up those banners boys
And fly em with that kite
Just cuz you can shout me out
Still don’t make your causes right

Everyone’s entitled here
To speak without a price
That’s the way of freedom boys
Please keep your dealings nice

Hang that peg up higher son
Leave it better than you found
Try and understand both views
See you stand on sacred ground

PT Muldoon ©2017

Love and Light


New one I wrote…I keep writing whats in my heart….this one goes out to all those folks who feel disenfranchised….perhaps the answer isn’t winning the argument but allowing the discussion.PT

Love and Light

I look for the love and light
Almost each and every time
Let’s go with forgiveness
This hatred’s past its prime

No I don’t think we’re perfect
I know we might never get it right
But I’ll still ask for guidance
When I hit my knees each night

Yes we can do this better
If we give our light a chance
Maybe this games not a race
And this life is our sweet dance

Somewhere in the darkness
Is an angry soul in need
We can start to healing
Or ignore and let em bleed

So I’ll go on with love and light
Just might find a better way
Let’s move to forgiveness
And bring the next a better day

PT Muldoon ©2017