We rode on summer ranges
As life lay there brand new
Young pony strong and steady
Big loop built clean and true

Somewhere out on the journey
Compadre’s grown through age
As meadow’s grass turned golden
Two lives slow turned sweet page

The bulk now lays behind us
Bold memories we both knew
We rode those summer ranges
Found honest work there too

We saddle in the darkness
And what our eyes still see
Is not the ones we are today
But the force we used to be

You see the miles all mattered
Our journey’s trail made sweet
And we can summon up our past
Mid flight through Dunny’s feet

Flamed ears to split horizon
Great joy still brings us smile
As we ride to hidden places
And chase that sacred mile

And hidden under edges
Beneath where others see
A friendship forged forever
Between that horse and me

PT Muldoon ©2017


The Marker


Wrote a new one late last night…I hope you guys like it. PT

The Marker

In a cross design so timeless
Tattooed out in black and grey
Simple tribute to the treasured
From sweet better bygone day

Initials marked and dated
Underneath a Celtic cross
Our reminder of the fallen
As we navigate their loss

There’s a million soulful stories
Of the loved who came before
Now they wait for us in heaven
Just beyond life’s mortal door

In that patch of ink and sorrow
The marker made to honor grief
Where roots run so much deeper
As death came calling like a thief

Here in loss we seek redemption
As lives captured, memories true
Drawn to keep those stories going
Carved with ink to help us through

And we hold on to their memory
Those bold stories drawn on skin
Holding tight to all that mattered
Until those lost come home again

PT Muldoon ©2017

Twenty Two


Years ago we used to practice up in Munith at Harold Hartzog’s….John Workman and Brownie used to sit on this old bench to the right of the rope boxes….if you paid attention you could learn a lot from two men who had seen a lifetime of cool stuff. This poem is for them….they are both gone but their legacy lives on in a lot of people and the memory of those cool conversations live on for me. This poem is remembrance of one conversation that I was blessed to have with two old men that both had great runs!!! Love and Light.PT

Twenty Two

Two old horsemen sat down
On that bench at the side
We brought back the cattle
Kid just made a good ride

As they talked about life
Reminisced bout the fun
Then their eyes misted up
Talked of races not run

Somewhere in between
Where I rode and they sat
You could feel all that fire
Underneath two felt hats

They smiled as they said
We may be near through
The hearts in our chests
They still feel twenty two

You get one lifetime horse
May one girl hold your heart
Son you treat both of them
Like a gift from the start

All our friends we held dear
Some still with us,some lost
But that ride has been good
Worth its measure and cost

You see some grow old quick
As the snap leaves their stride
But all the good stuff begins
Halfway through this life’s ride

We can see your deep love
This cowboy life you hold true
So hang on with both hands
Keep that heart twenty two

Someday when you’ve sat
As new kids take the stage
Please remember your life
Is much more than the age

The runs that you made
This sweet life that you led
Will define who you were
Way long after you’re dead

So love with abandon
And ride full out and true
Keep your ponies well fed
And your heart twenty two

Storm Watch


The picture is by Nelson Boren and is called “Storm Watch” I saw it on a friend Donna Slater Watson page and decided to grab my pen and write something proper to go with it. Hope you guys like it. PT

Storm Watch

Is it pure wonder
Or simply a shame
Amid the bold thunder
We can’t hear the rain

It falls on our rooftops
Heads out off our shore
It washes the landscape
Then whispers…no more

The smell of fresh water
Caressing sweet skin
To bring forth a new life
Our world’s born again

In moonlight it’s dancing
Across great bold line
Then lives in its own right
Pure rage caught in time

We climb to our rooftops
Or to heights on old mills
To see its force gather
Across the green hills

Like sentries to guard
On the shore or the plain
They stand on this line
Underneath its sweet rain

So amid all the wonder
We’re drawn to it’s door
To capture this moment
Til we wonder no more

And when it falls silent
On shoreline and plain
As storm watch stands down
And just memories remain

PT Muldoon 2017

Love And Light


Wanted to write something positive in the wake of all that has happened recently in our world….it’s easy to forget how much good there is in the world when all we seem to hear is the bad…It’s there we just have to remember that and look for it….PT

Love and Light

In the absence of love there is hatred
In the absence of dark you’ll find light
Good will prevail against all that is evil
Together we break free from the night

Our world full of darkness and danger
Upon trails where good choices began
But that good still outnumbers the evil
Out where God’s light makes its stand

So never believe love won’t matter
Don’t ever give in to what’s wrong
Stand to sing true with sweet voices
Together our hearts make one song

And if you encounter that evil
Out while you’re making lifes ride
Remember the angels ride with you
And the power of good’s by your side

Tomorrow sweet sun will be rising
All the faithful will stand at their post
So treasure this life you’ve been given
And journey with those you love most

PT Muldoon 2017

The Gather


I wrote this one a while back….picked it up today and figured I’d share it with you guys again..PT

The Gather

Deep through night the riders moved in
As I strained to determine their source
Only the stars to mark their way through
And a full moon to measure that course

They moved with the grace of His angels
With a rhythmic sweet cadence in grass
Out here where the mystic finds starlight
And hooves paint their tracks in the pass

These horses with manes still on fire
From a ride past the edge of the sun
On their drive that began at creation
Going back to when time had begun

And the light given forth was so blinding
That I strained just to capture one sight
Of this posse of God’s mounted cowboy’s
On a gather for the lost through the night

PT Muldoon ©2017



A lot of what I write is very personal. A good friend here who is a successful writer told me once that if you’re not willing to put yourself out there….well then don’t bother writing. I did a lot of reading this weekend and I was touched by a lot what others had written online….it suddenly occurred to me that for all the interaction we have here…. much of it has served only to isolate each other. Lives that seem so complete at first glance hide an inherent isolation and loneliness at their very core. Perhaps if we look beyond our masks we can truly connect with one another…..I wrote this poem about just that…Hope you guys like it. PT


Feel those darkened souls
Lives so precious and free
Their deep inner-workings
Much too painful to see

We all hide behind masks
Be they darkness or light
Til the reaper comes thru
Like a thief in the night

And the band still plays on
With so many…one voice
Til that sand in the glass
Slips away by our choice

In a time filled with noise
Life is the loneliest place
As we all wear the masks
To cloak tears on our face

And amidst all this pomp
You can hear in sad cries
As these souls left behind
Dry the tears in their eyes

For roles we have played
Hide that fear in our heart
Til we lose what we were
From our time at the start

So I’ll take off this mask
Let the world see my pain
Unafraid of their stares
Stand alone in this rain

And perhaps if enough
Take the path that is real
We can get back to true
Behind what we all feel

For no matter how lofty
Those we judge to be right
We all share the same fears
Far down deep in the night

For all these stories the same
Upon this stage where we play
Not those victories we’ve won
But all we touched on the way

PT Muldoon 2017

The Ones Who Occur


Blended family is something I have come to know well in my own life. I wrote this short one last night at Ryan and Kristy’s Wedding and finished it this morning. Watching the two of them take their vows and begin their amazing journey together gave me pause to think of all the amazing people that have come into my life. Ryan has become like a son to me and Kristy like a daughter and Lily a granddaughter…..Love you guys!!! Hope you like the poem…this one’s dedicated to the three of you!!! PT

The Ones Who Occur

For some a path easy
With lives lived in light
While others are forged
In the depth of the night

This fight to stay loyal
To keep their path true
To live full without fear
On tasks they must do

As good friends all gather
To celebrate the new start
Of their family embarking
On a path from the heart

Its a blessed occasion
For more than just two
When a son who occurred
Takes the path that is true

Down deep in our hearts
As our feelings are stirred
For the family born to us
And the one that occurred

PT Muldoon 2017

On Heaven’s Wind


Been a while since I shared a brand new poem with my friends…been working on this one for quote a while now….I really like it a lot but wanted to fine tune it until I felt it was all done …I read an awesome quite a while back from an ancient Arab proverb that said “The wind of heaven is that which blows between a horses ears”….. it gave me pause and the thought behind this poem….It goes out all who pursue something completely different other than simply riding their horse….that connection between a person and a trusted horse is something rare and amazing it can take a lifetime if it comes at all and for those who find it even if only once….. there is nothing that can ever fill in that space again and so begins a lifetime chasing something few will ever catch and for those who do it is worth more than gold… hope you guys like the poem!!! PT

On Heavens Wind

Drifting down from starlight
Sweet wind from up above
In breath of countless angels
Conveyed in grace and love

Created past nights embers
Breathed deep into a foal
To channel all imagined
Into that creature’s soul

Perhaps for just that moment
Where man and horse unite
To dance the hidden pastures
Til both souls find what’s right

Some ride just for the pleasure
Others chase that victor’s tale
But this kind seeks a taste of
Where angels breath finds sail

Two souls seek out reflection
Sacred moment caught on high
Pursue what can’t be harnessed
On that ride cross midnight sky

When angels bring the present
In this sacred magic chance
Holy wind binds souls together
Where a man and wild one dance

PT Muldoon ©2017



Decided to write one from the saddle today….thank God for quiet horses and crisp fall days!! Hope you guys like it!!PT


Words to remember the passing of time
There on the edge far too busy to care
All of the beauty and speed I could find
Out here where the wind splits the hair

Where buffalo grass does it dancing
As the hawk circles back to her nest
And we follow the trails of our lifetime
Just riding, living and doing our best

Writing the words that my heart hears
On the trails from the depth of my soul
Where maybe tomorrow brings silence
As right over life’s edge we both roll

An ocean of grass leaves and prairie
A ship sailing deep into storms rage
To dance on the waves for a moment
Til the words all run off of our page

PT Muldoon 2017