The Wingless


Here’s a brand new one I wrote for you guys…If you’ve ever had that “one” horse you’ll get this!!! If you haven’t then keep searching because everyone should have the privilege at least once in their lifetime to know the bond of a truly great one and the joy of dancing with something wild and free. Love and Light!!!PT

The Wingless

He traded out soft wings 
To dance upon hard lands
And partner with just one
He sought to give soft hands

There wasn’t one straight mile
On the places where they went
But out there on God’s ranges
Came a tale of time well spent

But your time will slip away
And your stories come to end
Where Angels dance and play
As hard winds the land will bend

And hearts with time grow old
Once lives have had a chance
To ride cross backs of Angels
Out here in heaven’s dance

For its only but one moment
That we ride and pay that cost
On the back of wingless angels
That good cowhands call a hoss

Once time here is all through
When they carry lives away
Out across that great abyss
Listen close for angel’s neigh

For when you hear them come
Just please know my spirits free
On the back of wingless angels
Where my soul was meant to be

PT Muldoon ©2017

Where Angels Fly


Wrote a short one last night as I listened to the last of the fireworks and watched the sunset over the water. Hope you like it. PT

Where Angels Fly

Life born amid cold silence
Raised up on past true doubt
Rides made deep in darkness
Where sweetest lives flowed out

Saddled pony’s in that silence
Stepped on up to sit hard seat
And dance with beams of starlight
Upon bold rides out where life’s sweet

This light from life’s beginning
Then just darkness at it’s end
As we sought to rediscover
That one truly special friend

Journeyed out on trails together
On some we had to ride alone
Where grasses danced in rhythm
And the brightest night stars shone

Somewhere just out beyond here
Where the trail met summer sky
All those lives we so well lived out
Found the place where angels fly

PT Muldoon ©2017

The Last Drive


Last nights effort…hope you guys like it..PT

The Last Drive

It was a watermelon afternoon
And a memory chasing night
We’d gathered all the remnants
Then brought em to the light

We gathered round the fireside
Bold talk of times long gone
Old cookie brought the grub out
We sang the old time songs

Then someone told the story
Of a ghostly night stampede
Cookie brought out cobbler
We regaled the cowboy breed

Then quiet as the fire dimmed
With our belly’s filled with chuck
We talked of those no longer
The one’s who ran their luck

And fireflies danced in starlight
As tired men went to sleep
Along a trail of grass and time
Where memories safely keep

And there among the embers
As songs and fire did fade
We dreamt of steers and heifers
On that last drive we all made
PT Muldoon ©2017

Facing Backwards


Years ago I saw a cool picture from a memorial service held years ago at the King Ranch for I believe Richard Kleburg….it was a riderless horse boots placed rearward surrounded by his devoted hands horseback with their hats on their hearts….been working on this little poem for a while and I finally finished it today…wish I could have found that picture but this one will have to do until I do. Hope you like the poem. PT

Facing Backwards

Someday when life’s runs over
And my old saddle sits alone
As we gather for last goodbye
Tie em rearward heading home

Pick a horse that I would saddle
In a place where roots run deep
Lace my boots up in the stirrups
Before you lay me down to sleep

Lead me off to sounds of pipers
Play old songs to mark that way
Put my ashes in my best boots
And ride with me one more day

Send me off as kings and warriors
Aboard bold ponies no one rides
Then please send me to Valhalla
From these sacred countrysides

For old cowhands and old poets
As they take their last good run
Aboard a horse without his rider
Heading west neath setting sun

PT Muldoon ©2017


img_1482 (1)

Good friend of mine Sandy Mills and I had a great conversation on a long midnight ride earlier in the year at Waterloo…she talked about windows…those moments when people we love step on through to the other side…it was a conversation about loss but also about freewill…You can’t really be spiritual and believe in a higher power without being willing to realize that most of what happens in this life is beyond your control…I wrote this short one about the conversation...hope you like it. PT


Life’s a long fast moving train
Steaming hard across vast land
We’re all just riders on this way
To drift in time like shifting sand

Our finest chances come and go
Bold great moments lived and lost
As we wait for those openings
To step on off and ease the cost

I will not drown with old regrets
For riding this fast moving train
That I stepped on while still a boy
To take me out then home again

These windows come and go away
And someday when I step on through
To dance again neath summer rain
Just like a wild young kid brand new

So ride with me for just this while
We’ll see new places in the night
Then wait for windows in the mist
Then step on home into sweet light

PT Muldoon ©2017


unnamed (7)

Here’s a new one for you I wrote last night. You get one good horse in your lifetime if your lucky……but sometimes the world smiles on you and you get something even more…a friend for life!! Hope you guys like the poem!!!PT


We rode on summer ranges
As life lay there brand new
Young pony strong and steady
Big loop built clean and true

Somewhere out on the journey
Compadre’s grown through age
As meadow’s grass turned golden
Two lives slow turned sweet page

The bulk now lays behind us
Bold memories we both knew
We rode those summer ranges
Found honest work there too

We saddle in the darkness
And what our eyes still see
Is not the ones we are today
But the force we used to be

You see the miles all mattered
Our journey’s trail made sweet
And we can summon up our past
Mid flight through Dunny’s feet

Flamed ears to split horizon
Great joy still brings us smile
As we ride to hidden places
And chase that sacred mile

And hidden under edges
Beneath where others see
A friendship forged forever
Between that horse and me

PT Muldoon ©2017




Woke up early and wrote a new one this morning…hope you like it.PT


In the quiet of the morning
Before my world wakes up
Soft buzz of ducks arriving
Fresh coffee warms my cup

I like to drink in morning
As it wakes me up real slow
And taste the golden sunrise
Embrace warm summer glow

It’s peaceful here in morning
Nearly everything brand new
Heartbeat of our home place
Sweet sod still bathed in dew

A refresher for bold spirits
Brief stop of treasured time
To add some words to paper
As I seek to make them rhyme


PT Muldoon 2017

The Darkened Path


Here’s a really dark one I wrote the other night…remember, in order to fly in the heavens…sometimes you gotta embrace gravity and risk the sudden stop…I’m pretty sure after I post this one I’ll get a couple notes from my good friends checking up on me…..don’t worry I’m feeling a lot better now…the darkness passed….I kinda like this one….hope you like the poem…PT

The Darkened Path

The dark trail’s like a beacon
For those who’ve lost their way
Head far into this mystic fog
That lives past end of day

For only those who suffer long
Will learn just what they know
To ride upon a darkened path
Where love and light don’t go

Lost long into this darkness
Ever deeper they’ll forge in
To chase that hole unending
And seek where pain begins

Deep in the disappearing path
Where souls are won and lost
And left behind to clearly see
Brave few who bear the cost

For only love can save them
From plunging deep to night
And disappearing in the mist
Lost souls to fade from sight

Upon this rocky precipice
On ponies bathed in sweat
To plunge into her darkness
On blankets frayed and wet

Embraced and lost in mystic
Just past where daylight fades
To step through blazing fury
As they shatter on the blades

Two heartbeats on a mission
Ride hard where daylight ends
Just past the darkened meadow
Where the light no longer bends

Somewhere along life’s journey
As riders find the great abyss
Then fade into the mystic night
When the reaper plants his kiss

PT Muldoon ©2017

On The Banks Of The Huron


Wrote this one a while back about the River that runs along the campus of my Alma Mater Eastern Michigan University. PT


On The Banks Of The Huron

The Huron River is our heartbeat
Eastern’s roots born on its shore
For here we came to seek ideas
That soon led to so much more

Carved a home in fertile topsoil
Winding sweetly in this space
Where so many sought to better
All the lives that shared this place

Just a river mapped like pavers
Each one bears a life and name
Of those souls that tell our story
And the course this river came

We are pieces of this journey
And this river holds our heart
As we move just like the Huron
On her banks we made our start

And our story is a good one
All our memories strong and true
For together we are family
And we still have much to do

PT Muldoon ©2017

Mustang Sunshine


My neighbor Mark Hanna is an awesome artist….I get the rare privilege of seeing him working in his studio from my front room…..Mark posted this pic a while back and I wrote some words to go with it…It’s so cool to have awesome neighbors. PT



Mustang Sunshine

Little blue dressed pony
Top down for this ride
Brunette sitting shotgun
Blue skies on our side

Chrome and leather gleaming
Smell the warm sweet air
Time caught like a photo
Straw hat long brown hair

Something bout a Mustang
With your sweetheart near
Captured days of summer
Good times we held dear

Gasoline and sunlight
Pretty girls and chrome
At the altar of combustion
As a hot rod takes us home

PT Muldoon © 2017